Pure Essence Homeopathy - 'Acknowledging Individuality'

The Consultation and Treatment Process

In order to make an individualised prescription that is appropriate to your condition the Homeopath needs to gather information about your genetic background, medical and life history.

The consultation is an opportunity to discuss your health issues and any concerns-no matter how small you think they seem.  I may be interested in many aspects of your health, which may appear to be unrelated to your presenting complaint.

This process will allow me to understand you as a unique individual and find a treatment that correlates the essence of the medicine with the picture of your overall condition.

I will take time to listen to you.

Homeopaths are bound by a strict code of ethics and practice. All information is treated in the strictest confidence.

It is my aim to dispense a medicine to you at your appointment, although as there are many medicines that can be prescribed I may not have the remedy at hand.  If this is the case, I will send any remedies prescribed shortly after the appointment.

I will spend additional time working on your case after the consultation.  This will involve further analysis of your case to support any prescriptions in the future treatment process.

Treatment does not imply cure. 

First Consultation

Patients are gratefully required to complete a Personal History Form to be brought to the first appointment. The Personal History Form is sent to patients prior to the first appointment.

The first consultation involves obtaining a detailed medical history and gathering information about your symptoms, aiming to capture the characteristics that are particular to your condition. This process will allow for a complete picture of you as an individual in order to help select the most appropriate remedy for you, at this time.

It is an opportunity for you to discuss in detail any physical or emotional health problems, which may be causing you concern or discomfort.

Follow-up Consultations

During the initial follow-up consultation a Homeopath will review progress and changes in your condition since the first consult. 

Follow-up consultations are an opportunity to discuss any new health issues that may have arose since the last consult.  The information obtained will allow for further prescriptions if required.

As the Homeopathic healing process can be very gentle, sometimes the changes are subtle and possibly only perceived during the review process.

Frequency of Appointments

I am willing to discuss the length of treatment during the first consultation.

Usually, after the first consultation the follow-up will be approximately four weeks later.

Frequency required for treatment varies between patients and the nature of the illness. As the treatment progresses then the frequency of appointments will decrease, but will depend on individual cases and the needs of the patient.


Between consultations I am available to discuss your treatment, any concerns or queries about the medication.

As a patient of my practice you are able to access support during acute medical complaints, including injuries.  Dealing with conditions that occur between consultations is part of the service I provide in my practice.

Taking the Remedy

The medicine will be prescribed in tablet, pillule, liquid or occasionally powdered form.

Homeopathic remedies are taken differently from conventional medicines

It is advisable to handle Homeopathic remedies carefully.  The pill should be tipped into the bottle cap or onto a clean palm and transferred to the mouth allowing it to dissolve under the tongue.  Do not swallow the pill down with water, tea or coffee. If possible take the medicine half an hour before or after eating or drinking, cleaning teeth or smoking.  This does not apply in an emergency situation where it should be given as soon as possible.

Storage of Remedies

Keep in a cool, dark place away from strong odours for example, camphor, menthol, soaps, essential oils and perfumes.

As with all medicines, keep out of reach of children.

Homeopathic Remedy Kit

It is useful to have a range of homeopathic remedies at your fingertips.  First Aid kits can be purchased from Homeopathic Pharmacies.  I can provide advice and support in the use of these remedies for self-prescribing in first aid or acute conditions.

Conventional Medication and Other Treatment

Patients can continue taking prescribed medication, as Homeopathy does not interfere with their action.

If you wish to reduce your conventional medication then you must do this in consultation with you GP.


If you have concerns during an acute medical complaint or emergency situation, you should contact your GP, attend an Accident and Emergency Department or phone the Emergency services.

The information provided by this site is not intended to replace consultation with your doctor or healthcare professional. Always seek medical advice when feeling unwell or after sustaining an injury.

‘Homeopathic Helpline’ Telephone number: 09065243404

This is a useful advice line that is available all year round.  An experienced Homeopath will be able to provide valuable assistance between 0900hrs to 0000hrs.  The Homeopathic Helpline is a pay-per-call service charged at BT premium rate, currently 1.50 per minute.

Evidence and making claims

I cannot imply that Homeopathic treatment may be effective for any condition. Therefore, this site makes no claims or presents any evidence as to the conditions that can be helped by Homeopathy.


Access To Patient Information, Patient Rights and Responsibilities

My practice is required to keep all your details safe and confidential under The Data Protection Act 1998.

You have the right under the Data Protection Act to access information stored about you. A small fee will be payable if you request details of personal information which I hold about you.

As there are likely to be other patients booked in, please try to ensure that you arrive on time to allow for smooth transition between appointments.

I will endeavour to do my best for you, however I need your help to provide the best care for all patients in the practice.  Please treat the staff and patients at the practice premises, as you would expect to be treated by them.

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