Pure Essence Homeopathy - 'Acknowledging Individuality'


My costs as follows:


Adults: First Consult - £75
Adult: Follow-up Consult - £40
Children under 10: First Consult - £55
Children under 10: Follow-up Consult - £35

I normally recommend that each child be seen separately in individual appointments with the accompanying parent/carer.

Your consultation fee includes all medicines prescribed except for creams and ointments (If creams or ointments are advised then I will provide information of places to purchase).

Payment is due in cash or cheque.

Student Sitting-in (Homeopathy in the Sussex Community)
Please enquire regarding costs and induction process.


Costs for consultancy can be obtained by contacting Michael J. Bird at Pure Essence Homeopathy.  

Phone Consultation

I am able to provide follow-up consultations over the phone if necessary.  The charges for a phone consultation are the same as an appointment charged at practice premises.

Phone Calls

I do not charge patients for phone-calls.  This is included in the treatment fee. 

All patients are welcome to discuss their treatment, seek advice or receive treatment for acute complaints.

It may occur that I will have to limit the length of a phone-call due to the nature of a busy practice, but I will endeavour to provide all my patients with the support they require.

Home Visit Consultation

Home Visit consultations are charged at the same rate as an appointment in practice premises accompanied with an additional fee to cover travelling expenses.

Cancellation Fee

I do not charge a cancellation fee, as I understand that there are many circumstances that can arise to make an appointment impossible to attend.

If you do have to cancel an appointment could you please be aware that if I have as much notice as possible then it can allow another patient to fill your allotted time.

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