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About myself

I am a registered member of The Society of Homeopaths, after studying at the South Downs School of Homoeopathy. I qualified in June 2011.

Through my studies of Homeopathic medicine I was privileged to be taught and inspired by great teachers such as Sheila Creasy, Tony Hurley, Misha Norland, David Mundy, Janet Snowdon, Robin Hayfield and Steve Smith.

I initially ran a successful practice in London, but have since relocated to Brighton. In addition to my own practice I work for Homeopathy in the Sussex Community (HISC). I currently run a weekly Mental Health clinic at Preston Park Recovery Centre. This HISC service at Preston Park Recovery Centre in addition provides a teaching clinic for Homeopathic students to fulfil their clinical hours of sitting-in.

I continue the learning process through my Continuing Professional Development, gaining additional qualifications and furthering my knowledge.

Before I became a Homeopath my employment history was centred on education.

I fulfilled the role of Lecturer in Sports Studies.  This led to working with Deaf children and young adults for over thirteen years, where I developed a special interest in behavioural difficulties. I have obtained a CACDP Stage Three Certificate in British Sign Language.

In addition to the above I worked as a Fitness Instructor for five years, providing personal training. 

It is my wish to share my passion for Homeopathic medicine, so that this amazing system of healing can be beneficial to others. 

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